18.00 – 18.30 Welcome
18.30 – 18.40 Introduction by Nathalie Bertrand, ING Head of Energy Sector Belgium
18.40 – 19.00  Keynote by Dr. Damien Ernst, Professor Université de Liège
  Which technologies will enable the energy transition and support a sustainable economy ?
19.00 – 19.35 Energy Sector Panel Debate, moderated by Wim De Vilder (VRT)
  Which technologies and business models will foster the energy transition ? How can we manage and buffer the energy supply efficiently? What is the role of regulators ?
  Panel members
  Prof. Dr. Ir. Ronnie Belmans, Chairman VREG & CEO EnergyVille
  Grégoire Dallemagne, CEO Luminus
  Raphaël De Winter, CIO Fluxys
  Chris Peeters, CEO Elia Group
  Rik Van de Walle, CEO Aspiravi
19.35 – 19.50 ING Terra Approach by Leon Wijnands, ING Global Head of Sustainability
  How will ING steer its loan book in order to achieve the Paris Agreements goal ?
19.50 – 20.25 Corporate Best Practices, debate moderated by Wim De Vilder (VRT)
  How can industries and governments make their operations more energy efficient and contribute to the energy transition ?
  Panel members
  Frederik Hindryckx, CEO VEB
  Joost Uwents, CEO WDP
  Marc Van Herreweghe, CEO Mydibel
  Manfred Van Vlierberghe, CEO ArcelorMittal Belgium
20.25 – 20.30 Conclusion by Michiel De Haan, ING Global Head of Energy Sector
20.30 – 22.00  Network drink and buffet